To join the Flower Club, simply fill out the form below.  You are welcome to call us or send us an email if you prefer.  Forms are also available and accepted at Harvest Home.    Any special requests?  Send us an email =

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Amount spent per month for Seasonal Flower Arrangement. The dollar amount selected will determine the amount of flowers added to the arrangement. The larger the amount the larger the arrangement will be. You can check out our "Order" page to see examples of arrangements. Each month the actual flowers will vary depending on the season of the year.
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A Seasonal Candle with be packaged and sent along with the Seasonal Floral Arrangement
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A delivery fee of $19.50 is charged per month. The Flower Club package can be delivered to any city within the Twin Cities metro area.
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What week during the month would you like the package delivered?
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By checking this box you authorize Harvest Home to charge the credit card that was submitted each month to delivery the Flower Club package. You agree to all Terms and Conditions by Harvest Home. Sales tax will also be applied to your order.